a little update

been gone for a while. hong kong, macau, japan, montreal, waterloo. it’s been BUSY but good. Finally some down time to look at some pictures

lots and lots of photos.
a quick preview, just a few =)

Kyoto Station

BolaBola Guesthouse in Kyoto

A few of Rachel’s Prom Photos

And… the rest will come soon hah =)

i’m rather excited

for several reasons.
1. Exams are approaching, meaning that they will be done soon.
2. Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto.
I feel like i just want to bring the clothes on my back and my camera and go. Not sure how much the people on the plane will appreciate it though.
3. Summer photo-shoots, photo-walks, wedding photography, prom photography. PHOTOGRAPHY! =)
I can’t seem to get my creative side on when i have school on my mind.. maybe it’s a left side/right side brain issue..


a friend of mine took this picture in a hotel room..somewhere in asia. I’ll let you laugh and come up with your own clever subtitles/label.

moving on.
I woke up this morning at 5:45am after only sleeping about 2 hours or so. I rolled out of bed, and went about my morning rituals. The day ended at 4:30. But for some reason it seems like it is still going. For some reason I feel as though I have never had to work this hard at school and in life. It’s puzzling because I’ve never really tried (in school..not life), and yet for whatever reason I get by.
I’m quite smart you know, or that’s what I tell myself on a daily basis. Perhaps it is to get my own personal moral up, in a completely non-egotistical way. This isn’t enough anymore.
I skipped men’s cell today. I said that I had work to do. I did, and still do. Instead, I passed out on my bed. I sat down, and then I woke up several hours later. I’m exhausted, yet I’m not doing anything, or much of anything. The topic that I missed today was regarding boredom and complacency. In retrospect, I wish I had attended. Sorry guys.

Where do you find strength.

That isn’t a question because you know the answer to that.

A week ago, I thought I needed a vacation. Technically I am getting a vacation in about 3 days. But that is not what I need. Time to fuel up.
Time to pray.


A place where..

people wear their heart on their sleeve.

A while ago (December 14thto be exact) I made the 8 hour trek out to Montreal to do a quick E-Session for Rachel and Max.
It was Freezing with a capital F! Negative 14 degrees for most of the two day shoot and the snow was up to my knees, so it was a real adventure, but totally worth it.
Rachel & Max E-Session (MTL)
Probably one of my fav shots.

So I said, Montreal is a place where they wear their heart on their sleeve. When Rachel mentioned that phrase to me in MTL I just kind of threw it aside and didn’t think much of it or what it meant, but it came up again in conversation with my mom a few weeks later and it just clicked.

Rachel & Max E-Session (MTL)

What it means/what I experienced was totally awesome. It was just the willingness and graciousness that they blessed me with, even the simple things such as driving us around or letting me crash on their couch. Montreal-ers, if they are anything like Rach and Max have big hearts.

Rachel & Max E-Session (MTL)
(I absolutely love this shot too)

Rachel & Max E-Session (MTL)

This is the totally awesome cafe that Rach use to work at
Rachel & Max E-Session (MTL)

There’s more on my flickr and other sites =)

Love you guys

life through a lens

Rachel, Jackie & The Day of Distillery

Ok, clearly my title is a weak attempting to make a play on HP (either harry potter or Rachel’s socks hah), as successful or unsuccessful it is, I’ll leave that up to you hah.

So last Friday I got the chance to hang out with two awesome ladies downtown in the Distillery District.  Jackie and I wanted to go on a photohunt/shooting day, and who better to shoot than THE awesome Rachel. I’ve shot with other people (no offense to any of you), but this has been the most fun shoot I’ve been on in a while.  I thought the day was amazing other than the fact that they wouldn’t let me go into the Don Valley Brickworks, but…yeah… next time! anyways, let the awesome-epicness begin. Read more of this post


So..you’ve managed to find your way to around to this site, so take a minute to look around.  Perhaps you’ll find something that catches your eye, and makes you think or see the world differently. If you do, let me know.  For now, just enjoy.